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The Brand Perception

A sophisticated brand identity system and branding process can help a brand stand out from the crowd. The brand consistency, brand persona, brand positioning, mission statement and brand promise should be align with customer’s motivations.

Connecting brands and customers' emotions

Brands that strive to connect emotionally with customers.

A new research across hundreds of brands shows that brands have to go beyond customer satisfaction and connect with customers emotions in order to maximize customer value. The research published at Harvard Business Review suggest that brands need to tap into customers “unspoken emotional needs” in order to align the brand with customers perception.

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An Ideal Business Name

An ideal business name should convey the value, expertise and uniqueness of the business, product or service. A good business name should be simple, informative and memorable. The name has to be flexible for future growth of the company. A business name needs to appeals not only to the founder but also to the kind of customers your brand will try to attract.

Utah Graphic Design Services

Utah Graphic Design Services

We believe visual efficiency is more important than ever for your brand. At Genius Design Brand Recognition, Brand Consistency and Brand Visual Efficiency is extremely important. For that reason when we work in graphic design projects for our clients we follow their brand guidelines to maintain their brand consistency.

Utah Brand Design Consultancy

Brand Perception is changing the way customers interact with brands

Your brand is not your logo, non ether your product, service or website. Your brand is everything and everyone who interacts with your brand. Your brand is made of a brand promise, customers, combination of visual and emotional attributes that create a brand perception. It distinguish your brand from competitors.

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Branding Perception and Brand TouchPoints.

It is important that your brand message is memorable and unique. The brand consistency help existing and new customers to recognized your brand.


How to positioning a brand.

What exactly do you need to position your brand for success? Your brand needs a brand identity system, brand messaging, a unique selling proposition, brand mission and vision statement.

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Happy International Women’s Day 2017

At Genius Design we celebrate real heroes. Why? because heroes manage to create strong personal brands. Heroes stand for something and they stand out. They are a good example of how brands should adapt.


Brand Identity Discovery Process

The brand identity discovery process is basically to learn about the brand. It is important to understand the past, current state and future of the brand. This process can be done through interviews.

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The brand perception is created from experiences customers have with your brand.

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Identity Guidelines vs Brand Book.

The Brand Book outlines everything about your brand, including: brand history, company vision, personality, key values, brand message, mission statement, logo usage, Colour palette, Typographic style (font family & default fonts for web use), Image & photography style, Business card, corporate envelope design and letterhead design.


Nike Brand Guidelines

The Swoosh identity in 1971 was like an empty vessel but overtime, with brand awareness (advertisings) and brand consistency it gain meaning and now the brand is a success.

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Assets to obtain for brand identity projects

When hiring a graphic designer to design a corporate identity (logo design) in Utah or anywhere in the United States you as client should receive the following native files: Logo Design and Identity Guideline.

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Type of Branding

5 type of Branding: Co-branding, Cause branding, Country branding, Personal Branding and Digital Branding

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Brand Identity Design

A brand identity is a essential part and core value of a company, it is the DNA of the brand. It is the image of a company and it needs to be reinforce at all the time. A brand identity is the Name, Logo, Mark, Symbol, Signature, Tagline, Color Typographic Style and tone that identifies an organization or business.

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