Our branding process can help you whether you want to increase sales or sale a product at higher prices. We bridge the gap between the goals of your organization and the needs of your customers. Every step of the branding process is essential to embody the company's essence and support a desired brand perception.

The first phase of our branding process is to learn about the brand history, existing brand perception, target audience and desired brand perception. The research is essential to uncover the company essence and understand how the company fits into the existing competitive environment.

The second phase is to define the brand and design a brand positioning statement. An expression that fills a particular consumer need in a way that competitors don't.

The third phase is to design different brand identity concepts and test them with Live Prototyping. Live Prototyping provides a near life experience of the brand identity. At this phase we present 3 solid design concepts. Refine accepted brand identity concept.

The fourth phase is to develop brand touchpoints with the new brand identity program: signage, marketing collateral design, packaging, website design and more. Present brand touchpoints to the client and finalized brand touchpoints.

Our fifth phase is to design standards and brand guidelines for the brand identity program. Deliver all brand assets such as: brand identity system, brand guidelines, standards and launch the new brand.

Brand guidelines and standards are designed to help internal staff of a company to manage and maintain a brand consistency.